Having A Blast At The Magic Castle This Week!

Wow what a 25th anniversary celebration this is turning out to b, the audiences this week at The Castle have been so responsive to my style of Magic and overwhelmingly enthusiastic! I want to thank my wonderful castmates this week,…Read more

The Magic of Mondre...Live! on Valley View Live!

The magical revolution will b televised! OK, maybe not a revolution, but tune in on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm on Channel 13 for The Magic of MonDre...Live on Valley View Live, the emmy winning public affairs program here in Las…Read more


Every Saturday Night The Magic of MonDre Live, 8:00PM @Sapphire's...C u there!    

MagicLive Convention Visitors

For all my magical friends in town for MagicLive, I invite u to come out and experience The Magic of Mondre...Live! in the plush 300 seat showroom inside the largest gentlemen's club in the world,  Sapphires Comedy Variety Hour, featuring…Read more


Hi everyone, welcome to my brand new website MonDre Magic.com!  Here you will find more up to date info of my upcoming performance dates, news, photos, and my thoughts on various insights in the world of Magic.  

By all means…Read more