Mondre's Parakeet Production System
  • Mondre's Parakeet Production System
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Have u ever wanted to do BARE HAND Parakeet productions? BARE HAND Parakeet splits? One of my favorite effects from my Award Winning Magic Act is my Flash Fire to Ball to INSTANT Parakeet production as described in my Lecture notes, "Old Tricks For New Dogs". This effect never fails to illicit oohs and aahs from my many audiences around the world and now the necessary gimmick that is needed to accomplish this amazing feat of Magic is being made available to Magicians everywhere. The Mondre Parakeet Production gimmick is made of the finest quality and crafted to perfection. Based on the original design by the late great Parakeet master, Ramon Gallindo, this gimmick is finally being made and manufactured for all who have dreamed of accomplishing this amazing effect! I have a few in stock ready for immediate shipping, but when these are all gone I will be making them on an as needed basis so get yours today!

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